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‘Caritas in Veritate International’ is a confederation of Catholic institutions, dedicated to recruiting, forming, mobilizing and engaging young volunteers, to bring charity in truth, and human progress to all people.

Journey to Easter

Dear Friends, 

We are excited to share Journey to Easter a new small group resource and pastoral tools for church partners and families to prepare for Easter during the Lenten season. 

Easter is the miracle that catapults our faith, giving us new meaning and new life. For World Vision, Easter commemorates the moment in history that gives hope to our work. Historically, Christians have prepared their hearts in anticipation of Easter through Lent, when we reflect on the brokenness in our world and in our own lives. 
This year, we are preparing for Easter in a new way. 
Journey to Easter: Stories of Hope for Lent is a free resource offering churches and families a transformational experience to more fully live into the miracle of Easter. This resource contributes to It takes a world to end violence against children and builds upon Matthew 25 narrative. 

Over the six weeks of Lent (14 February - 1 April 2018), participants will step into stories of brokenness and restoration, each week reflecting on Jesus’ call in Matthew 25 to care for “the least of these” — the hungry, the thirsty, the stranger, the unclothed, the sick and the prisoner. Each week includes: 
➔        Immersive stories and videos of children and families around the world 
➔        Reflections on how Jesus responded to brokenness throughout the Gospels 
➔        Weekly experiential challenges to better identify with issues facing the world’s poor 
➔        Prayer requests and action ideas to respond globally and locally 

Additionally, we’ve created Pastoral Tools to engage the whole church through sermon notes, video stories and bulletin inserts. 

This resource includes a Theological Narrative  that all of you have created.  Our hope is to learn from the pilot this year as we create together additional resources to boldly live out our faith and equip church partners during Lent and other moments throughout the year. 

We hope you will share this resource with your church networks and consider how it can be used within your offices or even with your individual families. 

You can download the finished resource at